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Save the Date: June 29

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Southern California Edison

Energy Education Center

6090 North Irwindale Avenue

Irwindale, CA 91702

Monday, June 29

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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A 5 Step Strategy to Declutter your Business and your Life

by Barbara Hemphill

Barbara was a keynote speaker at a Women At Work/Leadership League event for the community on Tuesday, April 14th.  For more information about Barbara, please visit Less Clutter More Life.  
For those of you who missed Barbara’s seminar, take a peak at what she had to say…

by Louise J. Wannier

Message from the Executive Director

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While we have discontinued our current service operations, effective March 13,  the Board of Directors will be exploring how to restructure the organization for the greatest impact.  This is becoming a virtual world, and the cost for physical space to provide services has become unsustainable for our small budget.
The Board of Directors is looking at new ways to carry on the important mission of Women At Work. Improving  the programs/services, finding new methods of service delivery, expanding those successful program components are all pieces of consideration in this restructuring.
While that is in process, Women At Work will be leaving this facility at the end of March.  We have accumulated lots of office furniture and equipment that we will not be needing in this process.  So we will be holding a “cash and carry” sale on March 20 (9 to 3 p.m.) and  March 21, ( 9 to 2 p.m.).  Watch this website for more details.
Stay tuned to this site for Women At Work moving into the 21st Century!
Camille Levee

Important Annoucement

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To our friends and colleagues—

Since 1979, Women At Work, first incorporated as the Women’s Public Policy Research Center, provided an array of career services for women throughout the greater San Gabriel Valley.  Our mission was clear:  to help women reach their full employment and earnings potential in a supportive environment.

In our 36-year history, thousands of women benefited from our skills training programs, career counseling and a variety of job resources.  These women found jobs, built careers and even started their own businesses.

Throughout these three decades, we have received generous financial support from individuals, foundations and employers.  Their gifts to Women At Work helped to transform lives.   Community, business and elected leaders were integral to the network that champions a vibrant workplace that includes women at all levels and in all sectors.

Despite our significant fundraising efforts we are unable to build a sustainable base of support.  As a result, the Board of Directors of Women At Work made the difficult and critical decision to reevaluate our current model.  We will continue scheduled programs through March 15, while evaluating ways to transition and restructure our organization.  During this transition we will review and focus on the contemporary needs of women in the evolving 21st Century workplace.

Women At Work remains committed to the issues that ignited the start of this organization: supporting the needs of women seeking employment, pay equity, career development and advancement.  We believe in the strength that comes from women helping women.  We are so grateful to all those who have supported Women At Work—donors, volunteers and community partners.  And, finally, to the working women we have assisted, we applaud your achievements and are honored by your triumphs.  We take pride in knowing that you are role models, mentors and leaders for the next generation of women entering the workplace.

Camille Levee
Executive Director

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