Women At Work Welcomes Melinda Carmichael as President of Board of Directors

As President of Women At Work (WAW) for the last several years, I am pleased to announce that at the end of my term this June 30, Melinda Carmichael will become President. She has served in the role of Vice-President and Treasurer for nearly all of my time as President. Melinda has not only made significant contributions in her Board capacity and roles but has been a member of our Circle of Stars.

During the past several months, working with the Board and a non-profit consultant, Melinda and I have strived to reposition our organization to become more productive and cost-effective in delivering programs. I believe we have found a solution through the establishment of the Women At Work Endowment, developing Web based resources, and hosting programs and net-working events. This new orientation will enable us to become nimble, cost-effective and relevant in the evolving market place.

For over 37 years we have helped thousands of women find employment and enhance their careers and earnings potential. During the past decade the work place has evolved and we recognize the need to change our direction in delivering our programs and services. Effective April 2016, we are now a fully volunteer driven organization with a virtual office. But our need for donations has not been eliminated. We hope you will continue to donate to us. Be assured that with our All-Volunteer framework future donations will largely be directed to building the Women At Work Endowment held at Pasadena Community Foundation.

Melinda and the Board have a challenging task ahead and I urge all of you to come forth with your ideas and resources and continue your support.

Uma Shrivastava
President, Board of Directors