President’s Letter

Dear Friends of Women At Work:

With the stalwart endeavors of the Board of Women At Work, we have made strides in the last six months and are building towards the future of Women At Work.  It has been our goal to keep the mission moving forward and design what is next for the organization.

Programs and Website:

On Mar 25th, April 8th and 22nd, we conducted workshops on LinkedIn with Maria Bereket, of Design Bear Marketing ( as our presenter.  It was held at the Community Room of La Pintoresca Library in coordination with Librarian Pat Smith and her staff.  The program was led so that each session built on the prior with workbooks provided for the attendees.  At each session we had about 30 attendees from a wide area of the San Gabriel Valley corridor at different stages of their respective careers.

This workshop is being repeated this fall.  It will be held on Sept 9th, 23rd, and Oct. 7th at the same location.  You will see more information and registration on our website.

We have started planning for a Branding workshop to be conducted by JuliAnnStitich(  This event will be held at the Shakespeare Club on Nov 4th.  Look for more details on our website in the coming weeks.

Building our website to be user-friendly and informative has been part of our endeavors and is a key part of our efforts to continue our mission.  We are working with Sarah Baker of Sarah Bee Design( to give the site a fresh look and functionality.  We are looking for contributors for content that women seeking career advice might find useful.  If you find an article that our members could use, please send it to:  Contact us if you would want to contribute blogs.  And lastly, those of you who use it can be our best guides to improvement.  Please send any ideas to

Women At Work Endowment

As many of you may know in April 2016 Women At Work started an Endowment with Pasadena Community Foundation.  Since that initial contribution, our total donations through January 2017 have been $50,000.  With funds from a small event in November 2016, and investment success we have $61,750.00 as of June 30.  In July we contributed another $25,000.

June 15, 2017 Pasadena Community Foundation held their annual Breakfast at the University Club to recognize individual endowments and the gift recipients they support.  This is the first year WAW has participated and our gift was presented to PCC Women Veteran Program for $2000.

Looking Ahead

The Board has asked a select committee to recommend an organizational framework to allow WAW to continue to be a part of the Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley community and to be a resource to working women.  This work has begun and I look forward to sharing more information as this develops.



Melinda Carmichael
President 2016-19