In 1979, three dynamic women, Betty Ann Jansson, Barbara Burke and Marge Leighton armed with a self help book and lots of determination began the “Women’s Policy Research Institute” later officially renamed Women At Work.  Focused on the need for women who were reentering the workforce after a hiatus of raising families, Women At Work began providing career counseling, and computer skills training.  Locations changed and grew to meet the expanding programs, including the development of the Young African American Women’s Conference, Adelante Mujer to name a few.

In late 2008, Women At Work quietly began providing services to men in the economic downturn, and continues to do so today.

In 2014, realizing that changing times required changing programs, Women At Work began assessing what programs were currently available in the community which had not been in 1979.  With an employment arena becoming more “virtual”, workshops began to focus on such topics as “Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile” and “Branding Yourself”.  Popular workshops such as finding a job at 50+ began to be offered in collaboration with community agencies, and Employer Forums themes changed from local employers only to those employing women in non-traditional fields such as construction, The FBI, and railroads.  Today, Women At Work services are provided through both employed and volunteer staff uniquely qualified to meet the ever changing employments needs of women in the 21st century.