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Career Club



Job seekers meet at Women At Work for one hour to discuss employment trends, exchange ideas and provide encouraging support.  Each attendee receives a list of Hot Jobs generated from the Women At Work Resource Center and job database.  Guest speakers from local businesses and HR departments attend frequently offering friendly advice, insight and tips.  If you are a job seeker looking for an extra boost of motivation and some fresh leads, the Women At Work Career Club may be the place for you!

Employers with job leads, or who are interested in supporting Career Club, should contact Women At Work at 626-796-6870.

Three reasons to join Women At Work Career Club:

  1. Each Career Club attendee receives a first-hand look at the Women At Work generated Hot Jobs list before it is distributed to other clients.  Women At Work manages an average of 200 new job opportunities each month.  For those that think there are no jobs out there, it is simply not true.
  2. The opportunity to connect with others that share similar circumstances.  Feel support, share ideas, information and successes from peers in the same situation.  Renew your motivation to improve, enhance and continue your job search.
  3. A chance to connect with and hear announcements from local employers and community partners.  Women At Work has lots of friends in the community who regularly contact us with job leads and career resources.

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