January 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Women At Work Friend,

I am so pleased to be able to tell you about the many exciting things happening at Women At Work in this first of our quarterly newsletters.  Our mission of “helping clients reach their full employment and earnings potential” continues in several important ways!

New Women At Work Website

Since we closed our walk-in resource center we have continued to explore how best to accomplish our mission. Today we are an all-volunteer organization with a fresh focus on online career and employment resources. Our new website at is a virtual resource center that will continue to connect women with productive resources to help them further their careers. It is a modern and accessible venue that is mobile and open 24/7, with sections on community events, job postings, career information, community resources, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs. And we are developing a professional directory to enable our website visitors to connect with job service providers.    

Be sure to check the website frequently to get the new information that is added often. And watch for links to resources that facilitate job search, career change and the path to self-employment.

Program-Based Events

Women At Work is also developing periodic, program-based events on topics of interest to women who work. Led by industry experts, all will be held locally. Attendees will receive current job-seeking tips and career development information as well as methods and resources for resolving employment issues.

Our first event will be a 3-session workshop on optimizing LinkedIn presence which, in turn, will maximize employment potential in today’s marketplace. The “Achieving Your Goals in a Digital World” sessions, scheduled for March 18, April 8 and April 22, will cover LinkedIn Setup and Essential Optimization, Using LinkedIn for a Job Search or Career Advancement, and Important Additional Features to Advance Your Career.  Watch your email for additional details.

Pasadena Community Foundation Endowment Fund

In addition to the outreach offered through our website and program events, Women at Work is achieving its mission in another important way. We have partnered with the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) by founding an endowment with reserves from prior fundraising activities. The fund will support other nonprofits compatible with our mission in the greater Pasadena area. We opened the fund with $26,000 in April 2016. Our second donation of $14,000, made this first quarter in 2017, is the result of the generosity of private, individual donors. 

We can achieve our 2017 goal of $100,000 with your help. Please see the box at the right for the convenient ways available to you to make a donation.

What’s Next?

Women At Work has served women in the greater Pasadena area for more than 37 years. With your continued interest and commitment, and the incredible efforts of our volunteers, we will continue our efforts to serve women in the community.

Please visit our website regularly for information about new and ongoing resources and programs. And watch for future newsletter highlighting current activities!

The year 2017 is here, and brings many challenges. We at Women At Work look forward to working with you as we help women meet their career goals.

Melinda Carmichael
President, Women At Work Board of Directors   


Women At Work is always looking for volunteers! Put your professional skills to work helping other women achieve their career goals. Contact Melinda Carmichael.

IT’s EASY TO Make a Donation


By mail: Checks can be made out to Women At Work and mailed to PO Box 5537, Pasadena, California 91117.

Matching Gifts: Ask if your employer will match your donation.

Memorial or Honorary Gifts: Gifts in honor or memory of a friend or family member.

Stock Gifts: Contributions of appreciated stocks, or other capital assets that have increased in value can result in significant tax savings for the donor.  If you are interested in making such a gift call 626-796-6870.

Legacy Giving: Leave a bequest or name Women At Work as a life insurance beneficiary. Please contact Women At Work privately to let us know, so that we can thank you today on behalf of future clients!